FabLab in Naantali

We had the chance to go to Naantali (a small lovely town near Turku) and visit the FabLab over there. We of course took the chance to see more of Finland and booked a hotel for three days to spend in Naantali. We took the train Monday evening after a regular day at Aalto and therefore arrived pretty late. On Tuesday morning we walked over to the Fablab Raseko and I was really impressed. Jenni, the Fablab manager welcomed us and showed us around and went through some of their projects with us and told us a little bit about how everything works there and what she is trying to build in her Fablab. Later we strolled around Naantali, it’s cosy little town where we had the best pasta we’ve had in a while. It’s easy to get around everywhere in Finland and Naantali is no exception, buses arrive on schedule and take you wherever you want to go. In Naantali you can take a 30 minute bus ride if you wan’t to explore the city life in Turku. The Moomin World theme park is also on a small island near Naantali, unfortunately it was not open when we visited.

In the Fablab Raseko they have a couple of 3D printers, a vinyl cutter/printer and then a laser cutter and a PCB milling machine, the athmosphere in the lab was really chill and overall a really nice setup that Jenni has over there.

Below are some pictures of our visit.

Some cool things they are making in Naantali
vinyl cutter/printer
PCB milling machine


My main project at the fablab was to make new tool racks for the walls. I decided to try and make every aspect of the tool wall here in our own machines and here ill post the first test that I just put up on the wall a few days ago. Its not finished but its getting there, just a few minor tweaks left.

The wall itself was milled in the CNC machine and then different items for different tools were either milled in the CNC, cut in our laser cutter or 3d printed.

The wall in all its glory
The shelf, chisel rack and hammer rack are all milled in the CNC machine. The front of the chisel rack was then cut out in the laser cutter.
These were 3d printed
Designs in fusion 360, fusion can be used for both CNC milling and 3D printing

Our neighbourhood Ullanlinna

When we rented our apartment here in Finland we have no idea where to rent or what areas were good. After living here for a week we were absolutely certain that we took a good decision and we found out that our neighbourhood, Ullanlinna is very popular, one of the “hip” areas of town. Ullanlinna is very close to downtown Helsinki, takes us about 10 minutes to walk and 2-3 minutes if we take the tram which stops right outside our place and takes us right into the city center. Ullanlinna is full of amusing cafes, little studios, vintage stores and even better, its a nice 10 minute walk from a gorgeous area down by the seaside where you can enjoy a nice walk when the sun comes out to play.

Una also hit the jackpot as she found a Crossfit box that she loves that is only 7-10 minutes walking distance. So all in all, we love Ullanlinna and would recommend it for would be visitors!

Jóhanneskirkja is next street
Beautiful buildings
Evening walk by the sea
The streets are beautiful
Sunny days by the sea

First day

Our first day in Helsinki

We landed around 13:00 and headed straight from the airport to our apartment to get settled.

At 14:30 we got outside and tried to find our way to Aalto Studios, where the FabLab is.

The train ride goes from the downtown central metro station and takes about 30 minutes, Aalto is situated in Espoo, right next to Helsinki.

When we arrived Juhani and Krisjanis ( he is the FabLab manager) welcomed us and took me on a little tour of the FabLab and told me a little bit about my next 3 months there.

We spent around 2 hours with them at the FabLab but then after our day we were getting tired (the night before I was to excited and couldn’t fall asleep until late) so we went home for an early dinner and early bed ( around 21:00)

All in all, first day a giant success , city wise and school wise.

Until next time

Opening hours at the FabLab

First week

A week ago me and Una, my girlfriend arrived in Helsinki where we will be living for the next three months.

I got an opportunity to go as an exchange student to the Aalto studio FabLab at Aalto University through my school in Iceland, Fjölbraut í Breiðholti ( Upper Secondary school of Breiðholt ).

At the FabLab I will be learning how to use all of the equipment they have there which includes 3D printers, a laser cutter , vinyl cutter and a CNC milling machine.

Here I will try to write a few lines every week and post some photos of my stay here

Until next time!

Jón Ágúst

Finland, land of lakes